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Design Focus : Sophie Kinns

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

We are super excited to bring to you our Tea and Kate Selected collaborations. We have chosen some of the very best artists and designers and here we introduce the very talented Sophie Kinns.

Sophie Kinns is a house print designer by day and illustrator and general creator by night. Living in Market Harborough she works from a little studio space created in her flat (a desk surrounded by a DIY shelving unit made up of wine boxes, old wooden drawers and childhood light up globe.) When she’s not at her desk you will probably find her creating a feast in the kitchen. Failing that she loves exploring different places and cities which inspire the themes in her design work. 

What is your creative process like?
Usually i record things I’ve seen in a sketch book, be it a person on a bus with a characterful face or a beautiful architecture detail in a building, and i go from there. 

Your work is so beautiful what sparked the idea for your unique calendars?
Last year when I was in New York I became inspired by my surroundings the idea of my cityscape calendar started to evolve. I was really taken by idea of people being able to assemble their own skyline, i suppose it’s a very simple way of telling your own story. I find myself being naturally quite narrative when designing, recently when designing an illustrated sellotape i found the fluid line work flowed from one whimsical scene to another. (Being able to bring these little day dream scenes to life is one of my favourite parts of my job.)

Do you have any tips for staying inspired?
I’ve recently started doing an evening pottery course, this has got my head whirring with ideas and inspiration. I find doing and being inspired by other creative disciplines like this my way of keeping me feeling innovative. 
What is on your Tea and Kate wish list?
Being a stationery magpie the folding pocket and the concrete desk set are next on my Tea and Kate shopping list! Though perhaps the concrete desk set should be next on my pottery class to make list!!

Shop Sophie Kinns Limited Edition Calendars here.


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Brand Focus : Mifuko

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Mifuko is a Finnish brand founded in 2009 by Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö.  At the time when Mifuko was founded, Minna lived in Kenya with her family. Both Martikainen and  Impiö developed the idea of a design company operating between Finland and Kenya. "Mifuko stands with one foot on the streets of Helsinki, and the other firmly on the red soil of rural Kenya. We combine contemporary Finnish design with traditional Kenyan handicraft techniques and African colors." Mifuko creates a fun and creative co-operation between different countries and cultures.


Fairtrade is at the front of the brand and a certified member of World Fair Trade Organisation. Martikainen and  Impiö  chose women self help groups in rural villages and cities. Mifuko has connections to 400 artisan producers, including basket makers, carpet weavers, bag makers who make each Kiondo basket sustainably by hand in Kenya. Their partner self help groups and workshops employ slum youth, people with disabilities and people with economically disadvantaged rural backgrounds. Mifuko then ensures to train artisan professionals with the traditional skill of making the baskets.  For the artisans Mifuko is an opportunity to improve their skills and invest in their workshops for increased income as each person is offered a regular income, good working conditions and further education. 

To learn more about Mifuko's Fair Trade principles click here.

To learn more about the people who create the Mifuko products click here.

Shop Mifuko Baskets at  Tea and Kate


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Brand Focus : Saar Manche

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

As a boutique owner its often finding the nicest things that’s the big challenge, the things that no one has discovered before or the things that are just about to launch. I knew the moment i found Saar's instagram account that i had stumbled across the most beautiful illustrations and paintings. 

Saar's instagram account is beautifully curated and always a source of inspiration. I was delighted when she agreed to sell a small limited collection of original paintings through Tea and Kate and then when she contacted us again to let us know that she has made a limited run of prints. I knew instantly this would be the perfect way for everyone to own a little piece of her work making her work more accessible to everyone. 

We will also be bringing a selection of Saar's photography on postcards, details to follow.

Look out for more Limited Editions and Collaborations coming soon. We have been busy curating a beautiful selection for you our Tea and Kate customers to enjoy. We will be slowly introducing these finds via our newsletter and social media channels so do follow along or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know...after all the early bird catches the worm!

 Remember these finds will only be available in limited quantities...look out for hashtag 'teaandkateselected'.

Saar Manche is an illustrator and photographer based in The Hague with her husband and three children.   Her beautiful illutrations depict those precious moments of the everyday .. 

Full photo credit to Saar Mache. All images found here and here

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Brand focus : Snowpuppe

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Snowpuppe is a range of beautifully crafted Danish lights created by architect Nellianna van den Baard and industrial designer Kenneth Veenenbo in their independent studio from The Hague.  Each lamp is made by hand, crafted with natural materials.  The Snowpuppe collection is a beautiful, unique collection which is a  perfect addition to any room by creating a warm soft glow. Customise each Snowpuppe light to your interior style by altering the colours of the shades and cords, add a pop of colour with the vibrant cords or keep it understated with the Moth shade in white. Check out the whole Snowpuppe range here.

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